• Coming in February 2018 •
Transformation through Education

Many hands make light work

To make it all happen we need enthusiastic volunteers to help with the following:

  • Workshop leader

    You’ll work with groups of young people to introduce them to the basics of dramatic performance

  • Creative coach

    Working with our Young Leaders individually and in groups, you’ll help in two areas: researching the stories they want to tell that are rooted in their cultural heritage, and creating the means for expressing their stories through writing them down and deciding on the mode of performance (e.g.poetry, dance)

  • Technical support

    As the individual stories develop we’ll need help in determining what kind of support will be required for the actual staging on 8 February. We anticipate that this will particularly focus on sound and lighting, but may also extend to scenery and props.

We’d welcome suggestions and ideas about other support you could offer from your expertise and experience.

Contact Fitzroy Andrew at fitzroy.andrew@eyla.org.uk to find out more and express your interest.
Our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of young people is paramount, so we will follow good practice in securing volunteers to work with us on this project.