• Coming in February 2018 •
Transformation through Education

What is Young, Gifted, and Fab?

YGF is a special project of the award winning Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy

The aim is to use the arts – specifically performance – to give Young Leaders the opportunity to access the transformative power of mythological encounter.

Young Leaders will participate in a series of workshops, led by creative specialists, to enable research into their own cultural mythological heritage. The project’s centrepiece production will be at the Greenwich Theatre in February 2018, at which Young Leaders will stage their own dynamic representation of the hero’s and heroine’s journey.

Our Young Leaders were born into communities steeped in allegorical narrative and ritual. YGF is an opportunity to explore and interpret their lives through mythological narrative and go on to showcase their stories through dance, drama, comedy, poetry, and prose.
Guests in attendance will include prominent names from the arts, politics, business and education as well as proud parents. The event promises to be a night to remember.

Rudolph Walker OBE, actor and Patron, EYLA

“As a child, every time I was put on stage I came alive and performed. Our Young Leaders will benefit immeasurably from opportunities to express self-discovery through dramatic arts. YGF gives them a platform to do that, and I commend it in the highest possible terms”

Rudolph Walker OBE,
Actor and patron, EYLA

“I have seen the brilliance of young people first-hand through my work as a teacher and author. Cultural awareness is hugely important to them, and participation in YGF offers them a path towards vital self-knowledge in ways that can only benefit them in terms of their confidence and character. I’m really excited about what they will show us!”

Chloe Combi,
Consultant and author of ‘Generation Z: their voices, their lives’
Chloe Combi, consultant and author of ‘Generation Z: their voices, their lives’